The Himmapan

Exclusive White Sand Sculpture

Our spectacular giant “Exclusive White Sand Sculpture” present the story based on Thai fairy tale from historic era, “The HIMMAPAN”. These include variety of creatures from Thai and Indin urban legend literature.

Frost Giants

The advent of ice crystals who protect the FROST Magical Ice of Siam and welcome all the Visitors as friendly.

Karin Puksa

Karin Puksa or flying elephant has blackish body of a fine elephant with blood red wings and tail of a bird. It can fly at great speed and distant. Karin Puksa equipped with a pair of tusks used mainly for defence and crushing vegetation. The trunk, used much like a normal elephant’s, is used for grabbing and lifting objects, feeding, drinking, smelling, and making sound. A wing span twice as large as its body allows a Karin Puksa to lift itself in the air. The bird like tail’s used for directing the flight course.


Crocodile is one of the creatures that truly exist in real world. The main Thai literature that mentioned this creature extensively is “Krai Thong: the crocodile hunter”. In this story, crocodiles have more than physical power, they are able to transform as human beings and have many other magical powers.


Ghilen is a monster which was influenced by Chinese culture. Like many other creatures that have origins in China. In Chinese legends, the creature is said to have the head of a dragon with a single antler, the body of a deer covered with scales, a tail of an ox, and horse-like hooves. The creature was a result of combination of 5 primary elements; earth, water, fire, wood, and metal. Some say a Ghilen can live up to several thousand years.